Friday, 14 August 2009

Ponyo Key Animation Credits

After some rummaging and what not, I've compiled this list of genga (key) animation scenes and their credits for Ponyo, out today in the US or something. I'm still immensely frustrated at its UK release being delayed until February now, but ho-hum.

I've tried to make the list as accurate as I can, but some parts are still unclear, as the sources I used mentioned vague scenarios and scenes rather than specific shots. Whoever really knows or is more familiar with the animators mentioned here than I am, feel free to change or correct or make things clearer than I have. I may just rewatch the scenes myself and try to figure it out.

My two favourite scenes were by Shinij Otsuka (when Ponyo escapes her bubble in Fujimoto's room, up until emerging from the 'Pangea' room riding a fish), and Makiko Futaki/Niki's triumphant scene of Ponyo running the waves chasing after Lisa's car.

Atsuko Tanaka -- Opening scene with the jellyfish and sea creatures

Inamura Takeshi --- Fujimoto's appearance

Akihiko Yamashita -- The trawling rubbish net

Inamura Takeshi -- Finding Ponyo, Fujimoto's minion waves attacking Souske

Katsuya Kondo -- Running with Ponyo up to the garden

Yamamori Eiji -- Watering Ponyo up until Lisa driving away from Fujimoto on the road

Megumi Kagawa -- Kindergarten, Kumiko, Sunflower House scene (i realise this is very vague)

Konishi Kenichi -- Ponyo's struggle in the bubble, with Fujimoto (Fujimoto driving away and the "Ham?!" scene perhaps)

Yamada Kenichi -- Fujimoto and the crabs

Mariko Matsuo -- Sousuke sulking with the ice cream in the car, Lisa's wild driving. Sousuke putting the bucket in front of the house.

Shunsuke Hirota
Shogo Furuya -- both responsible for Ponyo's little sisters helping her escape the bubble, Ponyo pleased with her teeth. In the 'art of' book, it explains how this scene required two people to animate, one pass for the basic movement, and a second to flesh out each little sister and give them distinct movements and personalities.

Shinji Otsuka -- Ponyo's metamorphosis, escaping Fujimoto's room, causing all that havoc, up until Ponyo leaving the 'Pangea' room.

Hiromasa Yonebashi -- Ponyo's escape to the surface, sisters transforming. (Possibly until the end of the scene with Koichi noticing Ponyo, though once again it's not made clear)

Akihiko Yamashita -- Lisa driving her car through the storm

Makiko Niki/Futaki -- Ponyo running on the waves, chasing Lisa's car (I get the feeling Makiko's scene ends with Ponyo falling into the water)

Shinji Otsuka -- Ponyo reuniting with Sousuke (you can see this scene being corrected by Miyazaki in a documentary clip), the house in the storm

Kurita Tsutomu -- Lisa showing Ponyo the soup (mug or ramen isn't made clear)

Noboyuki Takeuichi -- Sleepy Ponyo eating ramen

Hiromasa Yonebashi -- Granmamare approaching Koichi's ship and the conversation with Fujimoto.

Yamamori Eiji -- Sousuke finding Lisa's car and crying. Ponyo looking sleepy in the road (I think this means her collapsing back into fish form)

Konishi Kenichi -- Souske running over the fence to Toki, being pursued by the waves.

Yamakawa Hiroshi -- Granmamare talks to Ponyo

Takeshi Honda -- Old ladies rejoice, Ponyo's farewell to her sisters, ending scene.

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  1. This is two years old, but I just found this list when googling and it is extremely helpful. Thank you so much for compiling it; I wish there was such a list for earlier Miyazaki movies. Any advice on compiling sources for this sort of thing?